With our team of specialist distributors, all trained in the area of infection control, we can offer proven effective aids in reducing disease transmission by providing cost effective antimicrobial copper surface applications from our European supplier, which is European and HSE approved under the Copper Biocide Task Force chaired by Dr M McGrath.


For applications to hand rails, toilet fixtures, door push plates, door handles, trolley handles for food markets, transport grab rails and buttons, lift buttons, light switches, petroleum pumps at petrol stations, electrical charging points for EVs, and any where that humans continually touch for access or general functions.

We are the UK distributors for 

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Mr Simon French one of two directors of this newly formed company. He started his career in Water Hygiene in 1988, gaining experience over 33 years of controlling Legionella in water systems, and now owns WHT Ltd, a company that concentrates on sharing of knowledge and training in bacterial control in water.

Having sold two successful water treatment companies to multinational companies and training thousands of people to City & Guilds standards, Mr French became aware of ionisation to control water pathogens/bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas using silver and copper. Having installed many of these devices providing a 100% success rate, he became aware of the properties of copper surfaces and how it reacted with bacteria and viruses.

He attended 1st International Symposium on antimicrobial copper in Madrid in Spain and met with three very important people, including Dr Michael Schmidt, Professor and Vice Chairman of Microbiology and Immunology at The Medical University of South Carolina and Bill Keevil Professor of Environmental Healthcare and Heads the Microbiology Group in Biological Sciences at University of Southampton. Both of these guys opened his eyes to the potential of copper and its effect on bacteria, viruses and spores. With the Pandemic of Coronavirus, it was time to put theory into action.

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