Antimicrobial Copper Adhesive Coating

Kills Covid-19 on Surfaces Within Minutes


Providing Cost Effective, Antimicrobial Copper Surface Applications

Coronasafe is dedicated to protecting clients and public alike in these hard times against microbial-bacteria and viral infection.


At Coronasafe we offer our product for the prevention of community-acquired infections including Corona Virus with solutions for the food industry, construction, educational establishments, stores, shopping centres, restaurants, air transport, trains, buses and high transit public areas. We aim to protect in as many key areas of the public as we can.

We can also provide our anti-microbial copper adhesive coating to the public for their own residential homes, supporting those who are most vulnerable.


Copper has been know for centuries to prevent the contamination of surfaces by bacteria, viruses and other microbes. This has been further proven by over 200 independent academic studies and peer reviewed papers. Copper kills bacteria - it's a simple known fact.


A copper surface applied to the places where virus has high potential of spreading from person to person, and ultimately limit the likelihood of infection. This application would be used in all areas used by the public and staff which could be Offices, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Care Homes, Factories, Retail Outlets, Gyms, Sports Centres, Spa/relaxation businesses and Conference Centres. Those who have a high risk at home would also benefit to prevent contamination from front doors, door bells and letterbox facilities.


We believe the areas which would benefit from this easily applied Copper Adhesive are:


  • Trolleys

  • Door Handles

  • Patient beds

  • Handrails (stairs, toilets etc…)

  • Light switches

  • Surface areas

  • Tap handles

Dr Bill Keevil of Southampton University explains how copper kills bacteria and virsues on surfaces within 4 minutes:

Dr Michael Schmidt USA University explains how hospitals reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) by using copper surfaces:



It's time to apply antimicrobial copper surface to your most touched surfaces to greatly reduce your infections. Copper is great at killing super bugs – and we can provide an exceptional cost effective way to protect your establishment and make your surfaces safe from Coronavirus.


The thin coatings are made out of high-grade copper (99.9%) making it the most effective touch surface material in the fight against pathogenic microbes in medical environments.

Material approved and registered by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America. The products fight pathogens effectively achieving more hygienic and controlled environments, reducing infections transmitted by touch.

Installing our copper film to the surface of your most touched places will greatly reduce the cross contamination from person to person. Materials such as stainless steel which are considered easier to keep clean due to its bright surface are not as effective as they may seem - microscopic indentations and scratches from regular wear and tear can leave valleys for super bugs and viruses to reside in and escape cleaning procedures. Cleaning happens at best once a day, while copper works 24/7, making it an important adjunct in the fight to keep the built environment clean.

Cost of coating a handle to a door can be as little as £3.42 for the material.

We can supply rolls of copper surface application to 3 types of length. If a large quantity or a special application is required, please contact us for an individual quotation.


For more information and costs please feel free to get in touch or visit our online shop.

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